Dominique FREGUIN

Upon completion of his apprenticeship in France and in Germany (Mittenwald), Dominique Freguin opened shop in Strasbourg (France) in 1976, and focuses his work on making and repairing classic string Quartet instruments. In 1978, he was awarded the departmental first prize of the annual contest of S.E.M.A. (Société d’Encouragement des Metiers d’Art).

From 1982 on, Dominique Freguin completed regular training courses under the master Etienne Vatelot, expert luthier. These residencies allow him to hone in his skills in antique instrument restoration through the study of the traditional techniques of the old masters. He also began to collect his own extensive documentation (photographs, blueprints and measurements) on the instruments he works on. He then enlarged his research field to European museums and exhibitions.


In 1992, Dominique Freguin extended his investigations to baroque instruments. He met the viol master Jonathan Dunford who teaches at the Strasbourg National Conservatory. His interest in antique instruments is spurred by frequent interaction with the Baroque classes at the Conservatory. Dominique Freguin was eventually commissioned by the school to make a copy of a 17th century English “dessus de viole” (treble viol). He then built the whole gamut of the viols (bass, tenor and treble), experimenting with French, English and German models.

These instruments are regularly shown in various baroque lutherie events: In Asfeld (France), Utrecht (Holland), London (Great Britain), Berlin and Regensburg (Germany), Paris (France) and Cremone (Italy).

In February 2001, in collaboration with Philippe Foulon, Dominique Fréguin recreated a forgotten musical instrument which had been described by Michel Corrette in a 1781 treatise: “La Viole d’Orphée” (Orpheus’ Viol).The reconstructed instrument was presented to the public during a concert/conference at the “Salon de la Musique” on March 31, 2001 in Paris, France.

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